Saving the orphansof Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has punished too many children in the most devastating ways. Their innocent lives have been ransacked, all they loved the most - brutally ripped away. 
We refuse to accept it! And got together to do everything we can to give back the orphans a chance to grow up in peace, love, and care. 

Our Mission

Dobrodeearium is a nonprofit humanitarian foundation dedicated to saving the orphans of Ukraine. With your help, we evacuate existing orphanages away from immediate danger; Provide them with shelter, food, and protection; Gather and deliver humanitarian aid they so much need.
Amid the calamity of war, as dozens of orphanages have been uprooted and are facing dire conditions, we create transitional centers where we receive the evacuated orphanages and provide them with adequate conditions for life, filled with maximum care and comfort. We are determined to support the centers as long as the children need, and make investments for their long-term intellectual, physical, social, and psychological development, so they can grow as confident, competitive, resourceful, and successful individuals.

Our Guiding Principles

  • House the orphanages

    We strive to establish transitional centers to house orphanages that had to be evacuated from war-torn regions. Based on public and/or private partnerships, we find premises that fit the requirements and invest in needed upgrades so life for the orphans in this transitional period, until they can be deinstitutionalized and/or find new families, can be as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. 

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    Stay in Ukraine

    UNICEF warns that the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine may provide cover to certain violent and unlawful groups, like traffickers, posing as Good Samaritans. Therefore, we oppose chaotically sending Ukrainian orphans abroad for shelter. Provided that we find the most secure locations for their stay, we believe they need to stay within the Ukraine legislature, at least until the normal order of life and state administration is restored.  

  • Finest living standards

    The children of orphanages have been punished enough. First, they came to be deprived of the opportunity to live and grow in families of their own, second, they had to become refugees - escaping a deadly war. Therefore, we believe they now deserve the best life we can give them, supported with the finest living and developmental standards, to the moment they obtain families again and start a life outside institutions. 

  • Joy and play

    The central goal of all our efforts is the happiness of our orphans. A child's right to play and enjoy life to the fullest is paramount for us. In their early years, life has been nothing but torturous for them. We are gritty to do all that is possible to fill their lives with joy, fun, play, and excitement.  

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    Preparing for real life

    We are determined to provide the orphans under our current care, with support to better prepare them for real life after they have left the institution by setting up, psychological and social rehabilitation programs that will help them better prepare and adapt for post-deinstitutionalization.

  • Education

    We are committed to helping our orphans develop into confident, competitive, and successful individuals. Therefore, we give utmost importance to providing them with the best tools and programs for education and personal development in addition to their standard public schooling. 

Bono Fortis

Our first transitional center for housing an evacuated orphanage

To create a fitting place for our orphans, which they can call home filled with care, love and peace, we chose the most beautiful and secure corner of Ukraine –Chernivtsi.

 Dobrodeearium obtained premises to house the orphanage "Harmony", which we evacuated from Kharkiv at the beginning of March 2022.
We called the center BONO FORTIS, in Latin Bono means good and Fortis means fortress,so it is our fortress of good.
Bono Fortis is now a new home for 53 orphans and as the full capacity allows, will soon house 100 orphans of war.


Beautiful resort region of Ukraine



Bono Fortis is located in the Westernmost corner of Ukraine. We chose this region not only for its breathtaking beauty but also for the fact that until now, it has proven to be the most secure region of Ukraine.Since the start of the war, not a single rocket has landed in this region.
Bono Fortis is conveniently located very close to the border of Romania, which makes it easily accessible for foreign visitors.

Bono Fortis potential

The infrastructure of Bono Fortis has a unique potential for creating the ideal conditions for a happy life and the development of the children, with the capacity to accept a total of 100 children. The infrastructure is even suited for housing infants in a separate building of their own, with a separate playground. There is a potential to develop sports infrastructure, both with closed and open courts. There is an opportunity to create unique spaces for the intellectual, cultural, and social development of the children.

With your help, the children can have amazing outdoor sports facilities and playgrounds:

Bono Fortis gallery 

Browse through our photos to see why our orphans have a reason to smile again

Our youngest

Our teens


Beautiful Chernivtsi

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Inspirational Stories

A community of heroes going after one common cause

Service picture

Alla Trokhimenko

Director of orphanage "Harmony"

This is the story of a real hero, a story of the dedication to the duty and love of children that inspires all of us. This is the story of Alla Trokhimenko, the director of Kharkiv's Children's Social and Psychological rehabilitation center "Harmony", which shined with excellence before the war started.  This is the story of how a director of an orphanage did everything possible to save her orphans and went through a hellish journey to get every one of them to safety. Alla had to leave her own children, elderly parents, and grandchildren in the war zone, in order to stay with her orphans and take them to safety. 

Support the orphans of war

You can't change where these children came from, but you can have an impact on where their lives go from here

Before and after

Every day is an improvement...

One of many little things made possible by Nova Ukraine. Thank you! 

This time, our Infants' House is celebrating an improvement and a new look. Besides being beautiful, it is super safe and reliable for use. The stairs without rails looked scary. Now it not only has the rails that are pretty strong and rigid, but it also has a roof to cover the entrance from rain and snow, and most importantly, it now it has a special rubber flooring, so a fall for a child may be significantly less risky and dangerous.


Dobrodeearium Team


George Arveladze

Director / FounderGeorgia



Pavlo Patsarnjuk

Administrative Director / FounderUkraine



Anastasia Arveladze

Public Relations ManagerUkraine



Archil Mamatelashvili

Financial Director (CFO)Germany



Victor Zubenko

Infrastructure ManagerUkraine



Joe Davidson

Program CoordinatorUSA



Tatusha Arveladze

Volunteer Programs CoordinatorGeorgia


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