The Spribe Boys 

The Story of Silent Heroes

On February 24th we all woke up in a different world. The Spribe guys were all (as they often are) somewhere around the world closing another new deal. But their attention was nowhere but Kyiv and Ukraine. From day one David and George started coordinating what needed to be done. They started from the fundamentals - saving the women and children in their immediate surroundings, relatives, neighbors, and whoever needed help and was closest. George with his family and relatives three women and two minor children, who he had deliberately evacuated from Kramatorsk (the city in the center of the attacks today) to Kyiv, wrongly assuming that if anything, war could have started in the Donbas. He did not expect Kyiv and Hostomel, 20 km from his Kyiv apartment, would become the frontline on day one.
So starting from the evacuation of George's family. George and the Spribe team never stopped evacuating women and children. They decided that their money in Ukrainian bank accounts allowed them the convenience to transfer to any need. George was identifying the needs and the transfers were immediate. Soon, the guys were hiring busses to get children out of danger zones, paying for shelters, food, or any basic necessity those under their care needed. They were sending money to people who had been stuck in occupied zones, hiding in their homes, and basements left without any means to pay for the most basic necessities.
It was they, who paid for the transportation of the "Harmony" orphanage from Kharkiv, it was they who kept sending money to the cards of families who sheltered our children. It was they who kept sending money to the heroic caretakers and heroic orphanage administrators who had not left their children and kept taking their care in bomb shelters and train stations in horror journeys they all had to endure.
Dobrodeearium's orphans don't know any of them, but George has made a promise, that once the war is over and Ukraine is victorious, they will all get to know each other in person. Soon the time will come when the kids will get to know their silent heroes - David Natroshvili, Nikoloz Lomia, Shalva Bukia, and Morris Varduashvili


From left to right: Nikoloz Lomia, Shalva Bukia, Morris Varduashvili, David Natroshvili.


David Natroshvili