SMART CLASS is here!

SMART CLASS is here!

Success!!! We are super excited and proud to announce that we have delivered on the promise we made couple months ago. Our orphans now have an amazing computer class and a 3D lab that we call a “Smart Class”! And it’s not only our children benefiting, but the whole village that has kindheartedly welcomed our center in their community. 

One of Dobrodeearium’s goals is to help provide our orphans with quality education the best possible tools for learning and succeeding in their lives. With this mission in mind, in the beginning of July Dobrodeearium and SmartAID launched an initiative to create computer classes for our orphans. SmartAID was the best partner in the world for achieving this goal. The nonprofit has already built its impeccable reputation by creating more than 100 Smart Classes around the world for refugee children and communities affected by extreme poverty. By utilizing technology and innovation SmartAID has been committed to alleviate global poverty and assist communities in crisis. Since the war on Ukraine started, SmartAID has been on the ground working closely with the local brave people of Ukraine helping millions of displaced Ukrainians. 

SmartAID has an amazing team of smart and committed individuals with big hearts and care for those in crisis on their minds. The executive director and co-founder Shachar Zahavi got engaged from the moment he heard about Dobrodeearium and the story of our orphans. We are extremely grateful to him personally and all the brilliant SmartAID team members. 

The genius of the SmartAID’s approach is that instead of opening a Smart Class within our premises, we decided to open it in the local public school which has 700 pupils. This is a great approach for many reasons, it helps our children integrate with the local kids, the number of beneficiaries is significantly higher, and it is a chance for us to give back to the local community which has welcomed our children so kindly in their village, and this is the first time the local school obtains a full-fledged computer class. 

We recommend to get acquainted with SmartAID by checking out their website and encourage everyone to cooperate with this reputable non-profit that achieves some technologic miracles for the most deprived children around the world to help them succeed in life.  

An American non-profit “Stiving for All” was swift to react to our initiative and provided the funding for the first Smart Class in total sum of $10,000. Striving For All is a wonderful charity organization that has been helping tens of thousands of Ukrainians from the start of the war. Their work has been literally life saving for many Ukrainians, refugee children and women struggling to survive the devastation of the war. “Striving for All” has been life saving for our orphans as well. The fantastic Striving For All team led by Genevieve Ngambia, Olena Baykur and Justine Reilly were there for our orphans from the moment they heard about us in the beginning of May, since then, Striving for All has been providing a crucial financial support to Dobrodeearium that has helped us keep our children well fed, protected, happy and taken care of, and yet again, Striving for All decided to sponsor the Smart Class for giving them a better future. We are immensely grateful to Striving for All. We are all immensely grateful to Striving for All for being there for the orphans of Ukraine. Please support Striving for All, this organization truly deserves all the trust you can give them – they always find ways to help those in need.

Our special thanks goes to Rotary, a world-famous nonprofit known for its immeasurable amount of good they’ve done across the globe over more than 110 years of its existence. For more than a century, Rotary has created a global network of 1.4 million leaders and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe. Two Rotary clubs – one in Suceava Romania and another in Chernivtsi Ukraine were involved in delivering our project and took care of all the logistics and equipment purchase and delivery. We are grateful to Rotary and proud to have so successfully cooperated for the benefit of our children. Thank you, Rotary! Special thanks to Maria Klim from Rotary Chernivtsi.  

And last but not least, we are grateful to Lifting Hands International for their great work in helping Ukrainians in these times of hardship. LHI has stood with people in need all around the world - from Afghanistan to Syria, from Bangladesh to Iraq and Somali. 

Thanks to these organizations and kind people, our children will have a chance learn computer science, possibly become passionate about information technologies, acquire new competences and interests for growing into curios, competitive individuals, having access to all the possibilities modern world and information technologies offer. 

The first Smart Class is opened! However, the public school is quite large and has 700 pupils, together with our orphans, we are talking about 800 children, for whom one class will not be enough. As we started the crowdfunding two months ago, we looked for raising $30,000 to open 3 Smart Classes. One class contains 21 computers and 3 3D printers and setting it up costs $10,000. As one class is opened, we have two more to go and $20,000 to raise. You can help us by donating to the special GoFundMe campaign that we launched together with SmartAID: